Rose Maintenance





Basic Anatomy of a Rose

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Roses start to go dormant and drop leaves, start planting new roses. Use slow release fertiliser Neutrong Seamungus on established and new plants. Established roses can be relocated to a new spot if they are in the wrong place or too close together. Prune well before moving & water in well with ECO-Seaweed.


Start pruning roses, remove all leaves from the bush and rake up all around the rose beds lightly. Use ECO-Rose & ECO-Oil mixed together to spray on roses, also sightly on the soil around the bush to kill any fungus spores. You may want to repeat in 2 weeks time. For roses growing in large pots, re-pot every 2-3 years. Use best quality potting mix with slow release fertiliser. Root prune by a quarter as well as pruning top hard, water in well with Eco-Seaweed


All Rose should have been pruned and slow release fertilise applied.


Start of Spring apply slow release fertiliser Sudden Impact for Roses. Watch for Aphids on new growth, use ECO-Rose and ECO-Oil. When buds start appearing, commence spraying fortnightly with a foliar feed ECO-Seaweed. Spray with fungicide (Triforine or ECO-Rose) for Black Spot and Mildew.


Mulch with Lucerne Hay or Pea Straw. Continue with spraying foliar feeding ECO-Seaweed and Triforine or Eco Rose, Eco Oil mixed in together.


Deadhead roses, watch & enjoy as they bloom.


Start of Autumn apply slow release fertiliser Sudden Impact for Roses. Foliar feed with ECO-Seaweed. Watch for aphids, apply ECO-Rose and ECO-Oil or Triforine if needed.


Deadhead & enjoy as it blooms. Prepare soil for new rose beds. Dig deeply, apply manure & compost. Turn over regularly for 3 months till Winter.


Some good blooms still on bushes. Watch out for Powdery Mildew, if  fungus present spray Eco Rose. May need to repeat after 7 to 10 days.


Start of summer feed roses with slow release fertiliser Sudden Impact for Roses. Top up mulch and deadhead. Water well, especially pots. Watch for spider mites in dry hot weather.


Continue deadheading. Deep watering required on hot days. Water early morning before sunrise.


Summer trim all roses. (Roses generally repeat flower within approx. 56 days). Top up mulch if needed & water deeply regularly.